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The way of Saint Francis

Northern route, from La Verna to Assisi in the footsteps of St Francis

The northern Via di Francesco: from La Verna to Assisi in the footsteps of St Francis

The route climbs and descends across the Apennines, and must be faced with calm, regular steps. Effort is part of the journey, although the possibility of reducing the stages gives everyone the opportunity to adjust the walk to their needs.

During the first two stages of the journey you will face challenging climbs in the Apennine mountains to reach the hermitage of Montecasale and the town of Sansepolcro. The route winds along alternating dirt roads, trails and tarmac.
The path will take you to the places that Francis passed through and prayed in during his wanderings: Citerna, Città di Castello, Pietralunga, Gubbio, Valfabbrica.

Along the Way, everyone talks about St Francis and his message of love for nature and its creatures. The hermitages, abbeys, villages and towns preserve the many treasures of art and history that celebrate the genius of Italy, of which St Francis is the patron saint.

On the website, you will find all the stages, with maps, descriptions of the route, gradients, GPS coordinates and a list of resting places and specialised accommodation for pilgrims. Don't forget to ask for the Pilgrim's Card.


The Tuscany section of the Via di Francesco is indicated by CAI signage (white and red signs). In Umbria, the path is well signposted with the colours of the Way: yellow and blue signs will guide you to Assisi.

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