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From Perugia to Città di Castello over the Bocca Serriola Pass
Umbria by motorcycle

From Perugia to Città di Castello over the Bocca Serriola Pass

Natura, città d'arte e le migliori curve del nord dell'Umbria: da Perugia a Città di Castello

Fill your tank with petrol, check your tyres and then hop on your motorcycle. The E45 will take you from Perugia towards the hills heading to Cesena. Exit at Valfabbrica. Just further on is a stretch of road local bikers love for its many bends and the perfect road bed of Casacastalda. Remember to stay in the centre of your own lane – for your safety and that of others, and that pleasure is not measured in terms of speed! Drive to Gubbio, where the major points of interest are the Palazzo dei Consoli, the Sant'Ubaldo Basilica and the Santa Maria Nuova Cathedral. If it's time for lunch, order a plate of tagliatelle with a white truffles, or enjoy some local ‘street food' like the farmer's version of crescia al panaro, cooked in hot ashes, with a rabbit friccò, or have some brustengo, fried bread, with prosciutto or sausages. Sated, get on the road to Scheggia along another great road, and the route becomes even more interesting. From Apecchio head toward the Bocca Serriola Pass.

The road ascends gradually to start with and then becomes a veritable haven for bikers. The road bed is perfect with plenty of great bends and marvellous views. If you want to stop for a cup of coffee or a cool beverage, take a break just after Fraccano. There is a mountain refuge here with spectacular views and stone tables at which to relax. Once you are over the pass you'll soon reach Città di Castello, the birthplace of Alberto Burri. A visit to Palazzo Albizzini and the ex Seccatoi del Tabacco, the cathedral and Palazzo Vitelli alla Cannoniera are a great way to end this adrenaline-filled day. And when you're ready to leave, the E45 leads straight to Perugia.