Porta Romana - Amelia

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Piazza Augusto Vera - 05022 Amelia
Porta Romana is the most central and majestic of the four doors allowing access to the city center and is also the most modern of the four.
Infact its current appearance dates back to XVI centuries when it was modified and built in travertine. In medieval times, the door was called Busolina because the "bussolo" was kept there for the municipal elections judiciary. In 1703 the Amerini, that were emerged unscathed from a major earthquake, dedicated their city to the Madonna Assunta placing a commemorative plaque in the pediment of the door. The door is topped by Renaissance caditoia brick. It's visible the ancient wooden door on its hinges while in the sky barrel vault there is the fresco with the arms of the city - A.P.C.A. silver white band on a blue field - "Antiani Populi Civitatis Ameriae", which means "ELDERS OF THE PEOPLE OF THE CITY 'OF AMELIA", which was in the XIV century ,in the time of the Statutes, the most important elective body of the Free City States.