Lago Trasimeno
Trasimeno Lake: events, routes and activities
Come discover Lord Byron's "silver veil" whose charm has bewitched poets, painters and travellers through the centuries.

Located in northern Umbria, on the border with Tuscany, Lake Trasimeno is a true natural paradise. 


The fourth largest lake in Italy, it owes its name to an ancient legend: the story goes that the fearless prince Trasimeno, son of the wise Etruscan king Tirreno di Lidia, fell desperately in love with the nymph Agilla, and they married on the lakeshore.

The wrath of gods intervened and Trasimeno drowned in the lake that now bears his name. Today when you hear the rustle of breeze over the lake, it is said to be the sighs of Agilla, continuously searching for her lover among the waves.

Visitors to Trasmeno Lake today fall in love with breathtaking landscapes, old stone villages and typical flavours. There are water sports for all kinds of fun, and big events celebrating ancient traditions, music and great shows. Discover Lord Byron's "silver veil", and see for yourself why so many artists, poets and travellers return here.

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