Coronavirus in Umbria - Current situation

With the Dpcm (Decree of the President of Council of Ministers) of 9 March 2020, the Italian government establishes rigorous measures aimed at countering the spread of the new Coronavirus Covid-19.

The decree extends the provisions of art. 1 of the Dpcm 8 March 2020 to the whole national territory.

These measures are effective from March 10 and are valid until April 3, 2020.

In these weeks we are all called to give our contribution by respecting the rules with rationality and avoid uncaring or excessively anxious attitudes. Staying at home means protecting not only yourself but above all the most vulnerable people.

Through our website and our social networks we will continue to keep you company, telling you about the wonders of our region with the certainty that we will return to fully experience them soon.



Follow these 10 rules

  1. Wash your hands often with soap and water or with an alcohol-based cleaner
  2. Avoid close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections
  3. Don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands
  4. Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue when you sneeze or cough. If you don't have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your elbow
  5. Do not take antiviral drugs or antibiotics unless prescribed by your doctor
  6. Clean surfaces with chlorine or alcohol-based disinfectants
  7. Use a protective facemask only if you suspect that you are ill, or are caring for sick people
  8. Products made in China and packages from China do not spread the coronavirus
  9. Pets and other animals do not spread the coronavirus
  10. If in doubt do not go to the emergency room, call a doctor and follow her instructions

Who to contact in case of need
The Umbria Region has activated a public service number that can be used for information: toll-free number 800 63 63 63 is active every day from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.
Outside of those hours, call 1500, the public service toll-free number set up by the Ministry of Health to provide accurate information on Coronavirus. The number is active 24 hours a day.



The Umbria Region has activated a special section on its institutional website where you can find all the information and updates, from health ordinances to logistics:

The portal of the Ministry of Health has a section dedicated to the evolution of the situation: and the Civil Defence website has updated information in English.



Last updated: 10th March 2020