Discovering the traditional textile manufacturing and embroidery decorations in the Umbrian territory.

Fabric processing in Umbria is a widespread activity, with typical products and very varied production techniques. It is possible to trace the beginning of these activities back to the twelfth century: especially the most successful achievements, such as Perugia tablecloths, have become famous throughout Europe over time, for the peculiarity of their manufacturing techniques and decorative motifs.

It will not surprise you to discover that such an ancient and rich heritage could not be forgotten and that, on the contrary, since the beginning of the last century, the recovery of such craft traditions has once again become a reason for excellence of the region.

If you travel between the small and large towns of Umbria you will find many craft workshops where the production, exclusively manual, is based on the use of ancient techniques and machinery, such as the Jacquard loom of the late nineteenth century.

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