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Water sports at the Trasimeno Lake
Canyoning, rafting et sports nautiques

Water sports at the Trasimeno Lake

The different Water Sports at the Trasimeno Lake and where you can practise them

The area of Trasimeno is a much beloved destination by Italian and foreign tourists as well as from Umbrians – especially the inhabitants of Perugia – who never fail to enjoy the lake during the warm season. The Trasimeno Lake, with its extensive surface and its shallow depth, fits well with the practice of water sports and is becoming increasingly popular as ideal destination for sports such as windsurf, kitesurf, wakeboard, sailing and water skiing. Initially, some of these sports can remind you of faraway places. It’s instead possible to practise them in Umbria, you just need to be fully motivated to have fun!


If you love exciting sports such as windsurf, kitesurf and wakeboard, the Trasimeno Lake is the right spot for you: have fun by running on the water, let yourself be transported by wind and feel free to experiment your acrobatics in total safety.

If you wish that, you could test your skills and learn to sail in one of the schools of the area. If you get close to the sailing world for fun, sport or simple passion, you could taste the contact with nature and that undefinable feeling of freedom.

Whether you are an expert equipped with a boat driving license or a beginner, you will have the further possibility to rent a sailing boat or a motorboat to explore the lake in total autonomy or accompanied by a professional skipper. During your navigation route, don’t miss the beauty of the three islands: the Polvese Island with its fortress, the picnic areas and beaches. The Major Island hosts a small village famous for the lace museum and the Minor Island is private and therefore not possible to visit. And don’t miss the occasion for a nice dive into the lake in a warm day!

On the Trasimeno Lake it’s also possible to practice water skiing, thanks to the schools organizing classes and providing all the necessary equipment to lovers of this sport. For those wishing to practise these sports, it’s highly recommended to go to Castiglione del Lago, Passignano or Tuoro sul Trasimeno, where you will find sailing clubs with qualified instructors.

After a day full of sport, enjoy a relaxing walk along the lakeshore and in the Darsena areas. Let yourself be enchanted by a sunset that everyone defines as extraordinary, where the still waters of the lake meet the last sunrays, so creating a really magic light game.