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The hills between Lake Trasimeno and Tuscany
Vélo de route

The hills between Lake Trasimeno and Tuscany

Difference in level
400 m
34 km
The hills between Lake Trasimeno and Tuscany
Route description

The route does not present any challenging natural features, and can therefore be considered easy, although there is a long succession of climbs in the central section, which also offers the most beautiful views of nature.

The total distance is 34 kilometres, with an altitude difference of 400 metres. The first section of the route rises gently until it reaches Casamaggiore, from which point onwards you will encounter a series of climbs that lead up to Gioiella, Vaiano and Villastrada, along the Trasimeno Hills Wine Trail.

This section, completely devoid of traffic, winds through vineyards and green fields, offering stunning views of Lake Trasimeno, Lake Chiusi and the Tuscan countryside.

You will find little traffic on almost all of the roads, apart from two kilometres on the SS71, which will be encountered shortly before returning to Castiglione del Lago, making this itinerary also suitable for beginners.