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Palazzo municipale

Palazzo Municipale - Corciano

The Palazzo Municipale of Corciano is found on Corso Cardinale Luigi Rotelli.             

It was built in the mid-16th century by the Della Corgna dukes, who after the election of Fulvio della Corgna's uncle to the papal throne as Julius III (1550), built imposing residences in the areas under their jurisdiction including Corciano, Pieve del Vescovo, Castiglion del Lago and Città della Pieve.

The palazzo then passed to the Doni family, who were related to the Della Corgnas, and they sold it to Innocenzo Massini. He ceded it to Count Ungaro Oddi who used it as a holiday home; it then changed hands to the Innamorati family. The municipal authorities bought the palazzo in 1887, paying Luigi Innamorati 800 scudi.

The palazzo was built over homes dating back to medieval times, traces of which can be seen along its whole outer wall. The façade is made up of a central receding void on which two side avant-corps rest. The design and construction of the building, as well as the restoration of the Castello di Pieve del Vescovo promoted by the bishop Fulvio della Corgna, have been variously attributed to the architects Alessi and Vignola.

Organised over three floors, which are linked both externally and internally, the palazzo had storerooms and stables on the lower floors; above was the piano nobile, with its rooms frescoed by Salvio Savini, a Mannerist painter in the style of Zuccaro. There was a private apartment on the top floor.

The building, which was completely renovated in 1980, houses paleontology and archaeology collections on its ground floor.    

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