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Museo della Casa Contadina

Museo della Casa Contadina - Corciano

The museum was set up in 1976 as a result of the passion and dedication of some of local citizens and the town's Pro Loco association, who helped to research and collect objects connected to farm work as well as domestic and handicraft activities. 

Over time, the collection has been enriched with further donations, thus preventing the loss of a heritage that recalls Corciano's agricultural past which like many other towns in the region, has been affected by significant industrial development.

While basing itself on the living conditions of a family who lived inside the town's walls, the Museum documents the wider rural context in which the farmer's work was carried out and the subsistence economy connected to it. Indeed, the rooms in which the household objects and utensils as well as the agricultural tools are kept and displayed recreate those of a traditional farmhouse: a basement-stable, a barn, a kitchen and a bedroom. In the basement, together with objects which were usually found in a traditional rural winery (a barrel, a "bigoncio"-a type of wooden bucket, and flasks), is the collection's most important artefact, a wooden loom equipped with accessories for spinning and weaving activities (spindles, reels, a distaff and spools). In the kitchen, dominated by the fireplace around which the main household chores were carried out, and which was also at the heart of the social life of the home, a pitcher, an "ascina"- a washtub and a "madia"-  a rustic piece of wood furniture used for bread making, are displayed. The bedroom is furnished with an iron bed on which you'll see a traditional sack of leaves which was used as a mattress. Also on display are a "prete"- a traditional bed warmer, a "girello" – an antique baby walker, a hand basin, as well as embroidered bed linen and towels. A series of period photographs and sacred images contribute to recreating the social and religious context of Nineteenth century Corciano's agrarian society.

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