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città della domenica

La Città della Domenica: the first family park in Italy

La Città della Domenica, is a nature and wildlife park just outside Perugia. It is a perfect place to spend a day with your family or friends, enjoying a unique experience that combines fun, nature and learning.

Opened back in 1963 by the Spagnoli family, this was the first family theme park in Italy. Today, it covers an area of over 42 hectares and embraces a hill overlooking Perugia. From here, it is possible to reach the city centre in just 10 minutes, or to admire the historic city centre and recognise the main monuments.

The Città della Domenica Park is an exciting journey of discovery of animals, even exotic ones, and enchanted worlds and represents a true cultural heritage also thanks to the many attractions for all ages.

The Wildlife Trail

This trail encompasses the entire park and allows visitors to admire wild animals released into the wild in the park such as fallow deer, mouflon and squirrels, or to observe a wide range of animals up close in both the educational farm area and the wildlife trail area.

On the wildlife trail, you can see meerkats, maras, Lichi antelope, snowy owls, eagle owls, emus, ostriches, ammotragons, guanacos, Watussi oxen and macaws.

Attractions for children

The park offers a number of attractions for children, including slides, swings, the Mad Bridge, the Indian Village, the fort in the Far West area, the Fairy Tale Area with its little houses and barrels in which to read and draw, the Creative Reading Area and art workshops including Land Art, the Labyrinth, the Medieval Area with the Sleeping Beauty Castle, the Boccuccia Monster, Merlin's Tower, horse rides and falconry demonstrations.

Animations and the little train

In the various thematic areas, children will be involved in shows with Indians, the Assault on the Train and listening to ancient and modern fairy tales.

At weekends, the little train passes every half hour at the Central Station and allows visitors to tour the park and stop at the various stations.

On the farm, it will be possible to pet and interact with animals in the enclosures, such as small white donkeys from Asinara, African dwarf goats, pony horses, sheep, Sardinian grey donkeys, llamas and dwarf rabbits.

The Reptile House

The route is divided into two parts: one dedicated to living reptiles and one to fossils.

The first section is organised according to different classes and families of reptiles, each explained by information panels that provide information on the characteristics of reptiles, their behaviour and their role in the ecosystem. Reptiles of all shapes and sizes can be admired here, from small chameleons to large crocodiles.

The fossil section is organised chronologically, so that visitors can observe the evolution of reptiles over time.

In this section, reptile fossils from all ages can be found, from the first reptiles to appear on Earth to the reptiles that became extinct at the end of the Mesozoic Era.

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