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città della domenica
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La Città della Domenica: the first family park in Italy

A special day in the open air, with lots of space in nature, many animals and attractions that involve all the family.

Monte Pulito, one of the hills surrounding Perugia, hosts Città della Domenica (Sunday City), the first family park in Italy and the biggest attraction in Umbria for children and adults.


The Città della Domenica park opened to the public for the first time in 1963 and covers an area of more than 45 hectares divided into a large nature area, a playground and attractions and a large reptile house.

Children will surely enjoy spending a day in a natural and peaceful environment that is unlike traditional amusement parks.

Along the paths of the Città della Domenica Wildlife Trail, visitors see and get closer to some types of Italian and European some protected species and farm animals: deer, mouflon, squirrels, chickens, fallow deer and many other animals live in freedom.

Once you arrive near the “Missile”, one of the most symbolic structures of the amusement park, you will enter the wildlife itinerary where you can see snowy owls, kangaroos, ostriches, Patagonian hares, yaks and llamas. The park mascot will greet you: the Asinara donkey, a sweet white donkey with blue eyes that has been saved from extinction thanks to the help of the Città della Domenica.

In addition to visiting the large area dedicated to animals, you can choose from a series of activities, games and themed entertainment. Your children will enjoy mini-karts and mini-slides, then the Trojan Horse and several slides, and you can share with them the most beautiful fairy tales in the Village of Pinocchio, the House of Little Red Riding Hood, the Castle of Sleeping Beauty and the House of Snow White.

To move around the Park you can ride the First Train of the Parks of Italy: take advantage of this to take you to worlds different from yours: from the Medieval Village and Fort Apache to the Farm you will find unique settings that will take you back to the time of ladies and knights, then to saloons and cowboys and then in a real farm.

Another important attraction of the City of Sunday is the Reptile House of Perugia, one of the largest and most important in Europe. Inside the tower, which covers about 1000 square meters, are habitats for crocodiles and snakes, safe habitats for visitors and animals, which respect the origin of different species: you can see many types of snakes, even the most poisonous and dangerous, in total safety and guided by accurate information sheets.

In addition, the Reptile House houses a fascinating skeleton of a crocodile dating back to the time of the dinosaurs and an evolutionary path, with prehistoric fossils (the oldest of which dates back to about a billion years ago and the most recent, a femur of Mammoth, to about a million years ago).


The park is generally open from March to November.

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