Church of San Francesco - Cascia

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Via Giovanni da Chiavano 1 - 06043 Cascia
The first church dedicated to the Saint of Assisi in Cascia was founded in 1247, twenty years after his death.

In 1270, there was buried the Beato Pace Francescano. In 1291, Pope Nicholas IV granted indulgences to the early Romanesque church of St. Francis, of which they remains only the ragged walls, an elegant mullioned window and the portal. The currently church was built by Antonio Charity of Cascia, a Franciscan, Bishop of dimness in Corsica. Work began in 1339, ended in 1424. The rose window of the facade is remarkable. It's a work of Masters of Como, characterized by 18 trefoil arches and 18 columns from central quatrefoil, where Mary appeared in glory with Child. The portal opens splayed, with four columns on each side that support the pointed arch. The interior of the church is a Latin cross, with a trussed roof in place of the cross vaults damaged by the earthquake of 1703. On the sides they are placed three altars :on the left the first one is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, the second to Santa Rita, while on the third there is a canvas depicting St. Bartholomew, St. Peter and St. Paul. On the left, in the transept, there is a large exhibition altar that was a background to the central altar, painted in the late sixteenth century, the central painting by Pomarancio, represents the Ascension, while the side paintings were attributed to Guido Reni and Perino Cesarei. On the right side of the transept there is a large painting of Christ with the Virgin and the Angels appeared St. Francis in Pornizucola.