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Porchetta is one of the principal products of the Bevagna, Gualdo Cattaneo area, and even has its own production chain.

Its members are all experts in the art of making and selling this speciality: from the farmers skilled in rearing the pigs to a special weight to the porchettaro, whose itinerant kiosks can be found at many traditional gatherings such as village festivals and local farmers' markets.  Small to medium sized pigs are used to produce porchetta. The meat is filled with aromatic herbs and spices, and cooked in wood-fired ovens for several hours. Thorough cooking is the only way to obtain the golden colour on the outer rind, which must be crunchy, while ensuring that the meat inside is well-cooked. It is generally agreed that the area with the greatest tradition and skill in producing porchetta is Costano, near Assisi, where there is even a "museum of porchetta". 



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