La Calamita Cosmica (The Cosmic Magnet)

La Calamita Cosmica (The Cosmic Magnet)

The "Cosmic Magnet" is a contemporary artwork by Gino de Dominicis. It's housed at the Italian Center of Contemporary Art inside the ancient Church of the Holy Trinity. It is a sculpture representing a monumental anthropomorphic skeleton, with the exception of a bird's beak in place of the nose.


The Cosmic Magnet is made of fiberglass, iron and polystyrene, is 24 meters long, 9 wide and nearly four high.


The origins of the work are unknown but it is assumed that its name derives from the relationship between the skeleton and the golden rod in his hand, which is a magnet, and marks time.


The life of the sculptor Gino De Dominicis remains shrouded in mystery.

The Cosmic Magnet is exhibited at the ancient Church of the Holy Trinity, neoclassical architectural jewel by the genius Carlo Murena, a student of the Roman School of Luigi Vanvitelli. The church was restorated in 2011.Today the church is part of the museum of Italian Contemporary Art Center of Foligno (CIAC).

Before arriving in this, his final home, the Cosmic Magnet was displayed at MAC of Grenoble, the Capodimonte Museum in Naples, the Mole Vanvitelli in Ancona, the Piazzetta Duomo in Milan, the Palace of Versailles, the Grand Hornu Mons - MAC in Belgium and the MAXXI in Rome.

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