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Trasimeno Lake
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A trip by camper between water landscapes and underground cities

A trip by camper between water landscapes and underground cities

Lake Trasimeno is a paradise for all camper owners: many villages and campsites have chosen the shores or the territory of the "silver veil" to welcome tourists from all over Europe. But you can find places worth a stop with your camper along this route to Lake Piediluco.


An idea to start the journey is to leave from Magione, located on a hill not far from the lake: we recommend a visit to the Tower of Lambardi and the Castle of the Knights of Malta. Then, move towards Passignano sul Trasimeno: if you take the road in the direction of the lake, you must make a quick stop at the small but picturesque Monte del Lago.


When you arrive in Passignano, if time allows it, consider leaving your motorhome for a while and changing your means of transport, to set sail for the islands of the Trasimeno Lake. Otherwise, take a relaxing walk along the lake and visit the Fortress and local restaurants to try the fish specialties of the lake. If you are in the area at the end of July, don't miss the Boats Palio!

Castiglione del Lago is one of the most characteristic and evocative places around the Trasimeno Lake: the patrol path of the Rocca del Leone, which dominates the lake, offers a breathtaking view of the lake and the hills surrounding the promontory on which the village stands. But Castiglione is not only views: visit the Corgna Palace, embellished with beautiful frescoes by Salvio Savini and Pomarancio.

The first part of the itinerary ends with Castiglione del Lago. Take the E45 towards south, leave the Trasimeno behind you, and a stop in Orvieto is a must before going on to the next lake: you can easily find a car park for your camper, both in the central area and outside the city, very close to the funicular station.

The initial impact with Orvieto is definitely impressive, with the view of the entire town on a tuff massif overlooking the surrounding area. The religious buildings are of great interest and among them the Cathedral with its rich facade, the ceramics of its mosaics and its two-colour columns; the local handicrafts (ceramics and lace of Orvieto) are valuable, the food and wine specialties are tasty, in particular the local wines. But also the underground hides treasures: visit the Well of St. Patrick and the underground city, created in the tunnels that wind through the underworld of the cliff.

Not far from Orvieto, along the way you will reach the river Tiber: you are entering the territory of the Tiber River Park, a protected area with two other lakes, Corbara and Alviano lakes. Both are home to herons and rare birds, which find shelter in the lush vegetation along the river, making these places a must for any lover of nature and birdwatching. Those seeking active pursuits will be delighted: canyoning, rowing, and sport fishing are perfect activities to interact with nature.

Let's change again, passing from water to land! Narni, just like Orvieto, keeps under its surface a system of crypts, tanks and aqueducts, which date back to the Etruscans age. Once back in the sunlight, visit the many churches of Narni and the Piazza dei Priori, with the buildings that overlook it and the works of art found in them. Before leaving the city, admire the Augustus Bridge, one of the most loved monuments by travellers who passed through the ancient Via Flaminia.

Finally, head towards Terni and the last destinations of your trip. A few minutes outside the city of St. Valentine, there is another treasure, this time natural (but due to a decisive intervention of man), long appreciated by writers, artists and nature lovers. The Marmore Falls, one of the highest in Europe, with its three drops and five walking paths, is waiting to show you all its mighty strength (and maybe take an unplanned shower, especially appreciated in summer!).

The last stop is Piediluco Lake, another obligatory beauty spot on the Umbrian stretch of the 19th century Grand Tour. Today, thanks to its quiet waters and hilly surroundings, it is appreciated by rowing enthusiasts and by anyone who wants to enjoy a quiet walk along the lakeside and through the alleys of the small village of Piediluco. In short, it is the perfect place for every camper owner, from those seeking adventure to those wanting to relax.

This itinerary has come to an end, but Umbria has many other beauties in store that are just waiting to be visited. Have a good trip!