The Marmore Falls

The Marmore Falls

The Marmore Falls: Among the highest in Europe, they were created by the Romans in 271 BC to drain the swamps above the Nera River : an engineering feat that has become one of the most spectacular natural attractions of Umbria.

There are five trails here which offer different views of the falls and let you enjoy the natural beauty of the park of  Nera River.

Trail N.1 begins at the learning centre of the Botanical Gardens located in the area of the lower Belvedere. A large square is dedicated to one of the most illustrious visitors to the Falls, Lord Byron, who wrote verses about the emotions they aroused in him. Take the trail that leads to the upper Belvedere. This is quite a difficult hike and the only one that takes you to the upper part of the falls. After about forty minutes of walking you will reach the upper Belvedere from which you can see the first leap of the falls from a small observation tower called "la specola" (observatory), built in 1786 at the behest of Pope Pius VI. On leaving the specola you cross the Cavo Curiano over an iron bridge.

Trail N.2 is short and easy, and it brings you very close to the falls: the thundering water and the pristine natural setting make this one of the most exciting trails. Back at the departure point, by the learning centre, you can see one of the park's three hundred natural caves. Go up the wooden steps and you will find yourself right next to the cascading waters, almost close enough to touch the second leap of the falls. Be careful not to get soaked!

The third trail is the perfect place from which to see the canyons carved into the rock by the waters of the Nera river. At the end of the trail is a panoramic terrace which boasts a view of the confluence of the Velino and Nera rivers.

Trail N.4, the Pennarossa Trail, is the tourist trail par excellence. Most of the photographs of the Falls, which you may have already seen, were taken from spots along this trail. Follow this itinerary and look out from the belvedere over the three leaps of the falls.

Walk the fifth trail, enjoy the great views of the Terni basin and the Nera River valley which spans all the way to the Ferentillo gorges. Along the way, peek into one of the artificial wells covered by a transparent glass: its depth will take your breath away.

For information about the trails and how to best enjoy them, please consult the official website.


If you visit the falls during Christmas, you will have the added pleasure of seeing a beautiful living nativity scene set inside the falls. (For more information, visit our site)

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