A small medieval village


The village's Etruscan-Roman origins are confirmed by archeological findings in the area, although the earliest written documents date from the 10th century. In subsequent centuries Paciano was subject first to Chiusi and then to Perugia, which designated Paciano as a fortified border village.



Enclosed by a 14th-century circuit of walls with towers and three gates (Porta Fiorentina, Porta Perugina, and Porta Rastrella), the medieval village character of the historic center has been preserved intact. All that remains of the oldest castle are the ruins of a tower, called the Torre d'Orlando; architectural works of interest are the Buitoni fortress, Palazzo Cennini and Palazzo Baldeschi, home of the Nature Museum. There are numerous churches within the village, built in different periods: the oldest is that known as the Chiesa Dentro (or church of San Giuseppe), which has an old municipal gonfalon from the Bonfigli workshop, and the Church of San Carlo Borromeo, with an ornate 17th-century portal. Standing opposite the Porta Fiorentina is the parish church of the same name, erected prior to 1000 AD, surrounded by expanses of green that serve as a backdrop to the many events held here each year. Also of interest are the Church of the Madonna della Stella, built in 1572 after a pilgrim saw a star poised for three days above the image of the Virgin Mary, and the Museum of the Confraternity of the Most Holy Sacrament, which has a large number of religious works, including a large fresco of the Crucifixion by the painter Francesco Nicolò of Città della Pieve, statues and 16th-century reliquaries containing bones of the first martyrs, church ornaments, vestments and gospel books, and interesting Etruscan artifacts from the 4th century BC (pottery, lanterns, bucchero ware) found in the surrounding area. Nearby one finds the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Stella and, in Ceraseto, the small Church of San Salvatore, with a fresco from the 16th century by Caporali.

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