From Spello to Assisi along the ancient Olive Way
Road bike

From Spello to Assisi on the Via degli Ulivi

Total ascent
400 m
24 km
A picturesque route that passes through expanses of olive trees and the villages of Assisi and Spello. It’s an easy itinerary, and not to be missed.
Departure point Spello
Arrival point Spello
Distance 24 km
Elevation gain 400 m
Difficulty easy
Surface asphalt 
Bicycle types hybrid, mtb
To see nearby Spello, Assisi, Santa Maria degli Angeli, Rivotorto, Villa Fidelia.


This is a short itinerary with little elevation difficulty, linking two of the most beautiful towns in Umbria, Spello and Assisi.

The route begins in Spello, but since it is a loop route you can also start in Assisi.
From Spello you head toward Assisi on the Via degli Ulivi, a secondary road about halfway up the hillside, free of traffic and with spectacular views of the valley below. The only downside is the less-than-perfect road surface.

After Le Viole you return to the main road, which leads slightly uphill to Assisi. It is one of the less-travelled access roads to the town, but as you approach the centre, some care is needed. This route will not take you into the historic centre of Assisi, but of course a visit there is a must.

From Assisi, the route descends down the valley by the steep descent of the Church of San Damiano, little travelled, and then return to the starting point by an almost entirely flat route, passing in front of the Santuario di Rivotorto e Villa Fidelia. At the end of the Assisi descent, a side trip along some sections of the bike path takes you Santa Maria degli Angeli, famous for its majestic Basilica.

If you are visiting Umbria on holiday, make time for this beautiful excursion.