Foligno and the way of the abbeys
Mountain bike

MTB 22 - Foligno and the way of the abbeys

Total ascent
700 m
26 km
This route starts from Porta Romana, in the heart of Foligno, and goes through the olive groves and woods of Monte Cologna, visiting or passing by many convents, abbeys and churches.
Start Foligno
Arrival Foligno
Distance 26 km
Height difference 700 m
Difficulty hard
Surface 60% dirt, 40% sealing
Recommended bike MTB, E-MTB
What to see Assisi, Spello, Santa Maria degli Angeli, Basilica di Rivotorto, Eremo delle Carceri, Parco Regionale del Monte Subasio.

The length of the trail doesn’t represent any particular difficulty, but there are two big climbs, the surface is often loose and stoney, and there are some rather difficult downhill stretches, making it a route suitable for fit bikers with good riding control.

Once outside the centre of Foligno, the trail goes to the San Bartolomeo convent, at km 3,8. Here it leaves the sealing and after a few metres, it begins the first climb of the day, that almost reaches the summit of mount Cologna. The first part of the climb goes through endless olive groves and is very steep, with stretches that have a grade of more than 15%. The second part of the climb is through a thick wood, and although it is not as steep, it is very hard going because of the stoney surface which may sometimes make dismounting necessary. The top of the climb is at km 11,5, where there is a fantastic view of Foligno and the whole Umbrian valley. 

The descent runs along loose surface requiring careful riding and at km 12,5 it arrives at the picturesque hilltop hamlet of Roviglieto, a place of battle during the Second World War. Here bikers can fill their water bottles and start the most enjoyable, but also most difficult, part of the route. Outside the village, the trail descends along a steep dirt road and soon after (km 13,7), it turns right along a narrow single track through the woods. Bikers must be careful here as the track is narrow and covered in vegetation.

Past the single track, the trail continues downhill before tackling the second climb along the trail (km 15,6), quite short, but rather tough. The climb ends at km 16,3 and begins to descend towards Foligno along dirt, then sealed road. The route then passes through Cancellara and goes close to Scandolaro, before leaving the sealing again at km 19,3, and running along a dirt road that returns to Carpello, then San Bartolomeo Convent, where it picks up the same road followed at the start of the trail.

Along the trail, or close to it, the church of Santa Maria in Campis, the convent of San Bartolomeo, the abbey of Sassovivo and the hermitage at Pale are worth a visit. The little villages of Scandolaro and Roviglieto, clinging to the hillside amongst the olive groves and woods, are very picturesque. Foligno is the third largest town in Umbria and its historical centre has many religious buildings and beautiful palaces: the Duomo, with its minor facade by the masters Rodolfo e Binello, the palazzo Comunale and the palazzo Trinci are an absolute must. A visit to the romanesque church of Santa Maria Infraportas, the church of San Salvatore and the former church of San Domenico, today an Auditorium, are also very worthwhile. The oratorio della Nunziatella, the church of San Francesco and the duomo di San Feliciano are also interesting.