POST - Perugia Science and Technology Workshop

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Piazza Matteotti, 18 - Loggia dei Lanari - 06121 Perugia

The POST Science Centre is the interactive scientific museum of the Perugia Municipality and Province and it is the main regional museum facility in the field of popular science. 

It is located in Perugia, in the immediate vicinity of the Etruscan Arch and of the Grimana Square, where the University for Foreigners has its head office.

It represents the reference point in Umbria to explore the universe of scientific culture, installed in pleasant and lively exhibition spaces where people of all ages can approach the methods and objects of science.

An experienced group in Teaching of Science represents an ongoing support during the visit, aimed at inspiring and facilitating the understanding of scientific subjects.

Launched in 2003, it is articulated into three main sections.

The first one (Exhibit Area) hosts 17 interactive installations. Here the audience can experience at first hand some natural phenomena (sound, light, colours and many other phenomena connected with waves) and develop experiences linked to optical and acoustic illusions.

Another section (Photo Gallery) is devoted to temporary exhibitions on highly current themes so to inform adults and kids on the new frontiers of science, through interactive exhibitions, supporting texts and spectacular images.

Lastly there is the classroom hosting tasks deepening the different aspects displayed in the other sections that one can carry out autonomously with the help of various tools. 

The POST promotes information, shares education and provides a guide for all people interested, without limits of age,  in deepening scientific and technological topics, through a rich schedule of activities: interactive exhibitions and laboratories, educational activities, classes and experimental meetings about the current scientific developments for an adult audience who loves science, exhibitions and events, such as the Scientific Aperitifs and the summer appointments, addressed to people interested in science and technological applications. 

On Sunday afternoon (according to the calendar) the laboratories "The workshop of young scientists" are waiting for children from 3 to 11 years old.

And apart from that, children from 3 to 11 years old who are curious about science can have here their Birthday parties with expert animators and fun workshops! The older children, aged 6 to 11 years old, can choose between: stellar birthdays, attacking pirates, smoke signals, horrible junk, Jurassic Post, phantasmagorical insects, Detective Holmes and Magic Science. The youngest children from 3 to 5 years old can celebrate with drakes and princesses or dogs against cats.


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