The Toys Museum in Perugia

The Toy Museum in Perugia

A large room housing the Museum of Toys is located in the St. Marco area of Perugia, below the old chimney of an historical furnace: in about 300 square metres it’s possible to admire the collection including about 2000 period toys, from 1700 to the present.

The exhibition itinerary takes us through different themes: ancient school, games, food, games of work, games of space, city and countryside, theatre, circus and pre-cinema.

The Museum is a space open to game and creativity in the various proposals that it offers: theme exhibitions, events, laboratories and guided visits.

The peculiarities of the Museum lie in the fact that not all toys are located in display cases but find themselves in big tables where real and proper “scenes” are set up and where it’s possible to admire toys from close up and see their functioning with the help of a staff member. 


The Museum is open, upon booking, every day.

Opening day: Sunday from 4 to 6.30 pm

In order to book the guided visits within the museum of toy, contact:

Giulia Zeetti +39 3407936887


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