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Penna's Christmas crib

The nativity scene (crib) is located in Piazza San Valentino 31, near the Parish church, its entrance presents a wonderful door, with the Three Kings and the Nativity visible on its shutters.

If you descend some stairs covered with old bricks produced by ancient kilns and surrounded by walls of limestone rock, you get the idea of entering an ancient and evocative environment.

During the whole visit, a melodious soundtrack written by Riccardo Cocciante (songwriter and director) and a narration by Alberto Lori accompanies the visitors.
Here are some details about the special features of the crib:
The nativity scene covers 30 square metres and a walkway for observing the artwork is of about 40 square metres; there are about 140 small moving statues. The Three Kings on camels are seen from two different points; there are three itineraries of water and sea with 300 litres of water including a wonderful fog scene; there is real snow on the mountains; rain; special lighting effects; 512 stars in the constellation set for the 25th December with the southern star and the little and big dippers visible.
The Penna Crib has won prizes, in the International Crib Festival of Verona in 2007 and in Città di Castello in 2011 and 2012.

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