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Oasi di Alviano

The WWF Oasis of Alviano

As many as 900 hectares are protected within the Tiber River Park, between the municipalities of Guardea, Alviano, Montecchio and Civitella d'Agliano. The area is a true wealth of biodiversity and one of the largest oases managed by the WWF.

The history of this area begins in 1963 when a dam was built on the Tiber river which led to the creation of the artificial lake of Alviano, aimed at producing electricity. A wide variety of birds thus headed for these shallow and marshy waters, leading the institutions to create a welcoming and safe habitat to protect them in 1990, the WWF Oasis of Alviano.

Birdwatching and nature photography

The Oasis is a destination for birdwatching lovers. Thanks to the variety of environments, from the swamp to the hygrophilous forest with willows, alders and poplars, up to wet meadows and ponds, the area represents one of the most important migratory corridors for avifauna. Today there are 250 species of birds recorded, including sedentary ones such as the coot, the marsh harrier, the kingfisher, the grebe and numerous species of ducks. Among the rare specimens there are cranes, wild geese, ospreys, black-winged stilts and bitterns. Furthermore, several birds choose this place to lay their eggs, such as herons which, with over 200 nests, make it one of the most important heronries in Italy.

What to do in the Alviano Oasis

The Alviano Oasis can be visited thanks to two paths immersed in nature. During the walk you can use the various huts set up for bird watching and nature photography. There is also a watchtower and an outdoor panoramic observatory in the center of the marsh.

The first path is a 1.5 km ring that partly runs along the swamp, and then enters the hygrophilous forest. It is fully accessible to people with disabilities. The second, ''wilder'', 3.5 km long, winds along the course of the Tiber inside the hygrophilous forest.

The center also offers educational visits for school groups on the paths and in laboratories with microscopes and stereoscopes to discover the life that exists in a drop of water. The Oasis can also be visited with a boat ride on the Tiber.


The Oasis is open on Sundays and holidays from 10:00 to one hour before sunset from 1 September to 30 June. For visits outside the days and times indicated, book on Tel. 333/7576283. The Oasis is closed on 24, 25 and 26 December and on 1 and 6 January. For organized groups of at least 15 people it is possible to book a guided tour on any day. The duration is approximately two and a half hours.


Full price: €6.00

Reduced (6 – 14 years; over 65; minimum group of 15 people; with the ticket for Orvieto Underground, Narni Sotterranea and Castello di Alviano): €4.00

Free for WWF members and residents (Alviano, Guardea, Montecchio and Civitella)

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