Antiquarium - Baschi

The Antiquarium of Baschi preserves archaeological finds of the first century AD Roman kiln that was found in Scoppieto. The visit itinerary is organized in sections.

With the aim of setting a stimulating environment full of ideas for educational activities, there are illustrated panels explaining the clay processing steps, maps with points of light to identify the location and scale models of the furnace and transport ships.
The first section is dedicated to the production of ceramics: the panels here describe all the stages of realization of land sealed, clay extraction and tailings, modeling and baking of pottery.
The second section is dedicated to the trade and the spread of manufactured products in Scoppieto, Italy, and in the main centers of the Mediterranean basin up to Alexandria.
The third and final section of the museum, in the basement rooms, consists of a photographic exhibition of archaeological finds discovered in the past centuries in the territory and today preserved in various Italian museums.

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