Titolo: Eremo di Santa Illuminata - Guardea

Eremo di Santa Illuminata - Guardea

A few miles south of Guardea, not far from the state road 205 Amerina, surrounded by oak trees and large boulders, are the remains of the church and convent of St. Illuminata.
Tradition holds that the complex was founded in 1007 by San Romuald, tutor of the Camaldolese, but after 200 years it was given to the Franciscans.
St. Francis stayed there several times, sleeping on a travertine rock in a nearby cave, still the object of worship. Here many friars lived and died, some of which reached the honors of the altar; the most famous was the Blessed Pascuccio who performed many miracles and whose mortal remains are revered in the parish church. In 1653 the decline of the church and the convent of St. Illuminata began when Pope Innocent X incorporated this property to the parish of St. Maria dell'Olmo Amelia. In 1869 the church was deemed unsafe, and is no longer used for services.
Source: www.turismoguardea.it
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