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La necropoli del Vallone di San Lorenzo a Montecchio

The necropolis of the Vallone di San Lorenzo at Montecchio

The necropolis of the Vallone di San Lorenzo, about 5 km from Montecchio, it extends in a place covered by woodlands of elm and by dense junipers. You can leave your car just a few minute walk from the first tombs, near the Saint Lawrence’s Ditch, tributary of the Tiber: a land that during pre – Roman age was occupied by several villages of which, the most important, was being built on the Copio’s hill, overlooking the area.

While you go to the necropolis you can already look white in the distance the old stone of the burials, which contrasts with the green surrounding. You can visit fifty tombs per room, directly carved out into the natural rock, where you can enter through a short dromos, that is an open – air passage.

The tombs show up with single or double rooms in which the second area, often of small size, was exclusively set to depose some grave goods. In the first compartment was deposed the body of the deceased.

Several tombs, unlike the other ones, are carved out in the natural soil and they are outside the main rooms, along the corridors or near  the entrances: we are talking about the burial trench, just for children.

As explained by the archaeologist who leads the visit (only on reservation) first news about this site date back to 1855 by the archaeologist Domenico Golini who performed careful excavations supposing that there will be a huge necropolis in the area.

By visiting the municipal Antiquarium in the small village of Tenaglie, a district of Montecchio from which is about 3 km, it can help to better understand how were life and dead in these nations. Lined up on the bulletin board in good condition, you will admire the artifacts of male funerary treasures found in the tombs and composed of swords, iron spear heads and other steel weapons; adjacent, those of female ornaments, like steel clasps, golden and silvery spiral - rings to lock their hair, jewelry and containers for ointments. 

We suggest you to come back soon to the Antiquarium because shortly will be exposed some items found during the last excavation campaign at its center the remains of a tomb temple – shaped not carved out in the natural soil, but built with big travertine blocks: a burial completely different from those known still today into the Vallone di San Lorenzo, which according to the archaeologists it belonged to an important person, maybe a local prince.

You will also admire some golden and bronzed items, in particular, a scepter found in few Etruscan, Umbrian and Picenum tombs.

For information:
Necropolis of the Vallone di San Lorenzo, tel. +39 349 0642786
Municipal Antiquarium of Montecchio, Via del Barracano 1 Tenaglie, tel. +39 0744 951698
Association Acqua, via G. Marconi 2 Porano (Tr), tel. +39 328 54 30394

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