Chiesa di Santa Maria in Campis

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Corso Cavour 126 - 06034 Foligno
It's situated about 2 km south of Foligno in direction to Sant'Eraclio, in a vast necropolis relevant to the Roman city of Fulginia.

The church, around which it arose the city cemetery was placed along the route of the Via Flaminia and it was one of four stood religious buildings in a square which is situated at a mile of distance from the tomb of St. Feliciano, incorporated in the Duomo.
Early Christian origin, it was largely rebuilt after the earthquake of 1832. The interior, with three naves, presents a rich votive decoration and some family chapels of the XV century entirely decorated with wall paintings such as, for example, the Trinci Chapel of the Crucifixion and St. Thomas Stories considered the oldest art work by Niccolò di Liberatore Known as The Pupil (1456).