Chiesa di San Girolamo - Spello

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Corso Cavour 126 - 06034 Foligno
The church and convent of St. Jerome are located just outside the walls of Spello, along the road leading to Collepino.
The complex was built starting from 1472, thanks to the funding of Braccio Baglioni, lord of Spello and hosted a community of Observant Friars Minor until the first years of 1900. The community of the Small Brothers of p.C. de Foucault has been living in the convent since 1965.
In front of the main church’s entrance there is a beautiful porch and within the church it’s possible to admire precious artworks including a sculpted and painted wooden Crucifix of the late 1400 and a fresco of an unknown painter follower of Pinturicchio, depicting the Wedding of the Virgin. Particularly beautiful is also the inlaid wooden choir of the 16th century.