National archeological museum

National archeological museum of Spoleto

The National archeological museum of Spoleto conserves items from the town and the surrounding area, especially the Valnerina, which historically had close cultural ties with Spoleto.

The museum has been located since 1985 in the former convent of Sant'Agata, a medieval complex built over the Roman theatre (1

5px; line-height: 0; vertical-align: baseline; top: -0.5em;">st century B.C.) that preserved the  cavea (the seats for the spectators) but changed the  scena (the stage area).

One entire floor now is entirely dedicated to recent excavations in Spoleto, starting with the earliest settlement that rose on the hill of Sant'Elia during the Bronze Age, through to the Latin colony of Spoletium, which became municipium in 241 B.C.

All exhibits have critical and explanatory information about meaning and social function. There are also some items from the excavation of the theatre, such as honorary portraits (used as tools for political propaganda) and decorative sculptures, which are planned to be shown in a specific section in the near future.

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