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Cycling to the Marmore Waterfall and Piediluco
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Cycling to the Marmore Waterfall and Piediluco

Difference in level
150 m
20 Km
An easy cycling route which will allow you to visit the Marmore Waterfall and lake Piediluco

This route is particularly easy, both in terms of distance and altitude, and stands out especially due to the beautiful scenery that sets it apart, such as the Velino river, lake Piediluco and the majestic Marmore Waterfall, among the highest in Europe with a drop of 165 metres over three levels.
In a nutshell, this is an easy and enjoyable bike ride ensconced in the verdant Umbrian countryside, recommended either for experienced cyclists who want to enjoy beautiful scenery in a peaceful environment, or beginners.
The itinerary starts from I Campacci Park in Marmore, right by the Waterfall viewpoint. From here you take a left towards Piediluco, following a flat road by the Velino river, and in less than five kilometres you arrive in Piediluco, right by the lakeside, from where you can enjoy a splendid view of Mount Terminillo.

From here you continue to Colli sul Velino, still on country roads with little traffic, completing the tour of the lake. The ride back to Marmore is 20 kilometres of flat roads.