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From Passignano to Castiglione along the Colli del Trasimeno Wine Route
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From Passignano to Castiglione along the Colli del Trasimeno Wine Route

The soft tannins of Gamay and the moderate acidity of Grechetto: classic confirmations and unexpected enological surprises await among the lands of Hannibal.

After parking conveniently along the pier we start our tour around Passignano sul Trasimeno
The old urban centre is still surrounded by medieval walls that bear witness to the development of the small agricultural village dating back to the Roman Empire; its castle was bitterly contested between Arezzo, Perugia and Florence. There are no great monuments, but very pleasant walks and places, such as the town walls, the church of San Rocco and the sanctuary of Madonna dell'Oliveto.
The oil is one of the oldest and most typical in the area: remember to sample the "Dolce Agogia" variety, which is suitable for delicate dishes and fish. Continue on to Tuoro sul Trasimeno, a fifteenth-century fishing village that is located in the area that was the scene of the battle in which Hannibal's Carthaginian army annihilated over 16,000 Romans: an event remembered every year with a show.
A short distance away you can visit Pieve di Confine, a Romanesque building from the early twelfth century and the castle of Monte Gualandro. If you're hungry, begin with a salad of farro and Trasimeno beans: a legume cultivated since ancient times, now part of the slow food movement. Follow with a catch from the lake, perhapsin the soup al "tegamaccio" di coccio: make a toast with Gamay del Trasimeno. Heresy? Do not be sceptical, this young and fruity red, with velvety tannins and only a little aggressive, seems born to accompany this dish.

With fried foods, fish or shellfish salads, a dry Grechetto or a Trebbiano is better, often in tandem with pinot grigio or chardonnay, chosen from the DOC Colli del Trasimeno, Perugini or Altotiberini. To digest, a walk to Punta Navaccia, Lido di Tuoro, to see the columns of Campo del Sole: a collection of architectural sculptures created by international artists.
When you arrive in Castiglione del Lago, the ideal route starts with a visit to the church of Santa Maria Maddalena: followed by the Castello del Leone and the adjacent Palazzo della Corgna. The treat at the end of the day will be a dish inspired by saffron in nearby Citta della Pieve