Umbria for spouses: the Baciadonne Alley in CIttà della Pieve (Perugia)

Umbria for sweethearts: Baciadonne Alley in CIttà della Pieve (Perugia)

Baciadonne Alley and the lovers' way

The name, connected to a very narrow lane, arose following a dispute among neighbours. Popular tradition says that in the Middle Ages the two neighbours decided to detach their houses, so creating an alley only 50 to 70 centimetres wide. The name, which means "kiss women", comes from the fact that two people passing each other in the lane will nearly kiss as they squeeze through the narrow space. The itinerary of Città della Pieve alleys, the walk along the perimeter walls and Baciadonne Alley are favourites with lovers from all over the world who choose Umbria for a romantic getaway, immersed in nature, history, food and wine.

Getting married in Umbria: romantic walks

The Baciadonne Alley is a romantic destination for couples choosing Umbria to seal their love, whether for those deciding to get married in Umbria or for those making a life-long promise. The romantic walk goes tp the birthplace of Pietro Vannucci, called Perugino, one of the most important painters of the Italian Renaissance and master of the great Raphael. Here lovers, between taking pictures and kisse, follow inspiring walkways, finding a hidden part of the town, an ancient and charming world that takes them back to other epochs.


Umbria for sweethearts: discover the truffle

The journey in Città della Pieve and along Baciadonne Alley for lovers choosing Umbria is an itinerary through the sensory pleasure, along a path full of inspiring atmosphere, among culture, nature and typical products in high quality cuisine. One of the most typical products is the white or black truffle used in delicious dishes that will conquer couples who will taste them. Enjoyment for the senses, romantic truffle-based dinners and passionate kisses along Baciadonne alley are just some of the things for lovers in Città della Pieve, in Umbria.



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