The Theatre of the Rustici - Monteleone di Orvieto

Rustici Theatre - Monteleone d'Orvieto

Where it is located

The Teatro dei Rustici is located in Monteleone di Orvieto, a small historical village in the extreme north of the province of Terni.

An ancient barn in the public building becomes a theatre

The theatre in Monteleone di Orvieto initially appeared to be the granary of the town's ancient public palace, seat of the Podestà or Vicar. This is what can be read in the tempera inscription at the entrance to the hall, which reads: 'The community of Monteleone that in the year 1732 transformed this granary place into a theatre bears witness to the civic love of education for the serene training of art'. However, there is a granary in the building that houses the theatre, and an oil mill on the ground floor.

The Community Theatre

The theatre of Monteleone di Orvieto was built in 1732 on the initiative of some young people from Monteleone di Orvieto who asked and obtained permission from the municipality to perform some comedies during the carnival period. The Accademia filodrammatica dei Rustici, from which it takes its name, was soon founded. Despite disagreements with the public authorities and in particular with the papal government, which feared that the performances might convey the revolutionary ideas of the Risorgimento, the theatrical activity continued over the following centuries. The building was enlarged and restored several times. Today it seats 96 and was the venue, until it was closed for restoration, for theatre performances, events and civil weddings.

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