Titolo: The Sources of Valcasana

The Sources of Valcasana

A stone's throw from Scheggino, in the area just outside Porta Valcasana, the ancient access road to the village, is a large natural garden, characterised by the presence of crystal-clear water springs from resurgences exploited since ancient times for trout breeding

The place is immersed in an atmosphere of peace, where the waters flow peacefully among holm oaks, downy oaks, Aleppo pines and boxwood.

Within the park there is evidence of an old fishpond dating back to the 19th century, used for the breeding of trout, eels and crayfish, which is now replaced by a pond for sports fishing and other fish-breeding ponds. An exhibition space has also recently been created, hosting exhibitions by Italian and international artists.

From the Fonti di Valcasana, it is possible to set off on a path that partly follows the paths of the transhumance route and the roads of the old ironworks. Keeping to the right, one proceeds along the road, which shortly after a camping area, becomes unpaved. When you reach a fence with wooden posts, you turn right uphill.

The route continues without ever deviating as far as Piano delle Melette, a suggestive natural oasis located in the centre of a unique scenery: the "Muraglie" of Monte di Civitella (1,565 m asl) to the south and the steep "Balze" of Monte Coscerno (1,684 m asl) to the north-east. After a regenerating stop, we follow the path back to Scheggino.

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