Titolo: Church of San Giovanni Battista in Eggi

Church of San Giovanni Battista in Eggi

The Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista is located in Eggi, a gracious village 2 km from the Via Flaminia and 5 km from Spoleto in the direction of Foligno, almost straddling the Nera and Spoletana valleys
A visit to the Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista is a must, with its frescoes painted between 1527 and 1532 by Giovanni di Pietro, known as Lo Spagna, with scenes of the Baptism of Christ between Saints Sebastian and Roch (in the semidome), the Madonna and Child between adoring Angels and Seraphim (in the apse), the Eternal Blessing, the Annunciation, Saints Jerome and James (on the triumphal arch).

Lo Spagna (15th century) was an attentive and sensitive follower of Perugino, but also an interpreter of the new techniques of Raphael. His abundant production was particularly influential on the painters of southern Umbria, as demonstrated, among others, by the innumerable works inspired by Lo Spagna that decorate the churches and sacred buildings in Spoleto and the Nera valley. The name he is usually known by, "Lo Spagna", derives from the fact that he was probably from the Iberian peninsula. A curiosity: the Marmore Waterfalls, the town of Terni and the mountains above Cesi are present in the landscape of his Baptism
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