Titolo: Teodelapio


The Teodelapio is located outside the historic center, in front of the Spoleto train station.


The sculpture of painted steel is 18 meters high.


It consists of an assemblage of different forms cut and bolted into the metal, has zoomorphic appearance and that may also suggest parts of a crown. Calder had not yet decided the name of the sculpture when, during his stay in Spoleto (spring 1962),he saw in his hotel a print depicting the Longobard Duke Teodelapio (early seventh century) with a pointed crown, and so he decided on that name for his work.
The sketch, some letters and preparatory drawings are kept inside the Palazzo Collicola Galleria  d'Arte Moderna in Spoleto. The sketch was enlarged 27 times by the Italsider factories of Savona and the steel sheets made there were directly mounted and welded in situ in Spoleto.



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