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Caving at the Risorgenza Solenne, Le Cese di Spoleto

Caving at the Risorgenza Solenne, Le Cese di Spoleto

Not afraid of the dark and damp? Here is a proposal just for you.
You are in the area surrounding Spoleto, about to begin a caving excursion to the Risorgenza Solenne, Cese di Spoleto.

La Risorgenza is the only place of interest for speleologists in all the Valnerina, and although a visit to these underground cavities is sometimes prevented by water gushing from the access tunnel, there are also many days ideal for a descent. You first pass through a narrow entrance and soon find a perennial stream that supplies water to a collection tank to the right of the entrance to the cave. La Risorgenza begins with a narrow tunnel over 10m long, with a rather tight gooseneck bend in the middle. Be very careful in this early section of the tunnel and avoid it altogether if water seeps through, risking flooding of the passage.

As you continue, you will see that the cave widens into three rooms. In the third, and largest, is the exit point of the water that feeds the water tank. A muddy tunnel leading downwards has a fixed cord and leads to a large room that continues to the left, then turns to intercept the stream which you cross at its high point with the help of the cord. An ascent follows, along a low gallery, to a siphon. Some beautiful calcite flows demonstrate how nature has worked slowly over the centuries in this hidden place.

Begin your ascent continuing to the left, go down a well and then follow the course of the cave, which becomes darker and muddier as you go, until you reach the final siphon.

If you have time, make a visit to Spoleto, one of the most charming art cities in Umbria. Steeped in history, it is famous for the importance and variety of its cultural heritage, a favourite destination for visitors from all over the world. And if you want to sample some local cuisine, order a plate of strangozzi alla spoletina, handmade pasta in a sauce of tomatoes, garlic and parsley.