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Rock Climbing in Ferentillo
Climbing and potholing

Rock Climbing in Ferentillo

Rock climbing in Ferentillo: a perfect place for free climbers

Some visitors prefer to spend their days strolling by the lake while others, the free climbers, choose the adrenalin rush of rock climbing.


Rock, water, earth: these three elements come together to shape this unique and inimitable landscape.


Ferentillo offers a wide choice of climbing routes for all levels of proficiency, from the beginner to the passionate expert.

The Ferentillo cliff is located in the Valnerina, just a short distance from the centre of town and not far from the Marmore Falls, an artificial waterfall built in the third century B.C. by the Romans and one of the highest in Europe. If you are in the area, don't miss a visit to the park of the Marmore Falls.

As you near the Falesia cliff, you will see climbers of all levels, whatever the season, scaling the rock face, surrounded by a marvelous natural scenario of singular beauty. The many climbing routes are always being updated, but you can find a guidebook to the various levels of difficulty in local sporting goods stores.

The cliff is one of the most popular Italian destinations for rock climbing, equipped with the latest in rock climbing equipment.

Scaling the Ferentillo cliff is everything the free climber could want: as you ascend you have an increasingly impressive view of the Valnerina It is the only point from which the entire valley is visible in all its full and pristine beauty.

After your climb, recharge your batteries with a taste of Barabazza con la salvia, a tasty dish made with pork cheeks seasoned with sage; you can continue the day with a visit to the Church of Santo Stefano which houses the Museum of the Ferentillo Mummies. In the crypt you can see bodies that have been perfectly preserved and mummified by the chemical components in the earth, which have completely dehydrated the human cells.