Titolo: Spello, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy

Spello, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy

Spello, nestled on the southern flank of Mount Subasio, between Assisi and Foligno, is part of the club of "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy" due to its significant environmental, cultural and artistic heritage.
The ancient town centre of Umbrian origin, "Hispellum" from the first century BC, was an important Roman town given the title " Splendidissima Colonia Julia". There is important and impressive evidence of the Roman period which coexists beautifully with today's medieval urban appearance.
The itinerary for your visit starts in the lower part of the town. You will enter into the heart of the town through the monumental Consular gate (first century BC), given this name because it marked the entrance to the city from Via Flaminia; follow what was once the route of the old uphill road and let yourself be captivated by the coexistence of isolated Roman structures, to your right, and the medieval urbanization that you can admire on the left; continue until you get to the open space that houses the church of Santa Maria Maggiore.
Enter the church and approach the left side of the nave where you will find the Baglioni Chapel, frescoed in 1501 by Bernardino di Betto, known as Pinturicchio, one of the greatest artists of the Umbrian and Italian renaissance. When standing in front of the frescoes we recommend that you take all the time necessary to discover the many juicy details with which the imaginative artist, among precious grotesques, depicted Sibille enthroned on the vault, the Annunciation on the left wall (of particular interest is a frame with a self-portrait signed by the artist) and on the back wall the Adoration of the Shepherds and the arrival of the Magi with views of the Umbrian countryside; on the right there is Dispute in the Temple.  
The large panel with Madonna and Saints (1508) housed in the thirteenth century church of Sant'Andrea, a Franciscan church in the town and within walking distance of Santa Maria Maggiore, is also by Pinturicchio. Carrying on up the hill, we recommend a small detour along Via Torri di Properzio to admire the monumental Venere gate, from the Augustan age, built in the shape of a triumphal arch, flanked by the two Properzio towers with a dodecagonal plan.

Returning to the main road, continue uphill towards Piazza della Repubblica square, where the Town Hall is located, allowing yourself to be tempted by the shops selling local produce and crafts, as well as the numerous art shops. Here, along both sides of the street, you will find numerous taverns, restaurants and wine bars where you can enjoy local cuisine and produce.
Next we head to the Belvedere, an ancient terrace on which the Roman forum was built; here you can enjoy views of the Topino valley and hilly arc that stretches from Montefalco to Assisi.
Get lost in the narrow medieval streets adorned with colourful flower-filled balconies, which, on the day of Corpus Christi, are joined by precious carpets of flowers, for the famous Flower Festival of Spello; authentic works of sacred art made with flower petals.
Visit the ancient Villa dei Mosaici museum, a Roman villa in the Sant'Anna area, where you can see 360 square metres of mosaic floors that have recently been restored and are dated between the third and early fourth century AC.
If you still have some time left we recommend a walk in the gardens of Villa Fidelia park, or a little relaxation in the Spello Franciscan Spa, where you can enjoy the benefits of the sulphur waters that flow in the plain below
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