Titolo: Santuario Madonna dei Rimedi

Santuario Madonna dei Rimedi

The present shrine of Madonna dei Rimedi was the ancient suburban parish located about 2 km south of the old town of Pietralunga.
It was erected between the 7th and 8th centuries, at the same time when the urban parish church of Santa Maria was built.
The present shrine became the center of intense Marian devotion to the miraculous apparitions of Our Lady to some girls and the nuns of the Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria del Ponte (or Soraccia). In the 17th century, it was enlarged and embellished and it assumed the present architectural features. This shrine is  situated on an important medieval route linking the Adriatic coast to the Tyrrhenian.  According to tradition, this church hosted San Francesco several times during his frequent pilgrimages to Mount Verna in Arezzo.
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