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Rowing and other aquatic sports at Lake Piediluco

Rowing and other aquatic sports at Lake Piediluco

An oasis for rowing and more: sport and relaxation on the shores of the lake

Lake Piediluco, the second largest Umbrian lake after Lake Trasimeno and located on the south-eastern side of the region, is the ideal place not only for rowing enthusiasts but also for fans of water sports such as sailing, kayaking and water skiing.

Nestles in the greenery of the woods, Lake Piediluco is renowned for its magnificent rowing course where both competitive athletes and beginners can train. Sheltered from the winds, its calm, still waters have been chosen by the Italian Rowing Federation as the site of the National Rowing Centre, which hosts international competitions and offers modern sports and accommodation facilities used by world-famous athletes for retreats and training.

A love for the sport and a sensitivity to sustainability and the environment inspire a unique event that combines sports culture with tourism: Meet-In Piediluco.

The event is held in spring and aims to promote the beauty of the area and the history of the village community through a series of initiatives and activities, including national and international competitions, photography workshops and interviews, involving both athletes and residents. The event concludes with the Paolo D'Aloja Memorial International Regatta, in commemoration of the former President of the Italian Rowing Federation who, between the 1970s and 1980s, gave new impetus to national rowing, also contributing to the creation of the Federal Rowing Centre on Lake Piediluco.

Not just rowing

Water sports enthusiasts can explore the lake by renting a kayak and paddling through the numerous canals and coves or, alternatively, a pedal boat for a ride, immersing themselves in an atmosphere of calm and serenity.

In the waters of the lake, already in the days of Galileo Galilei, a reputation was already hiding that was destined to grow: in 1624, the famous scientist conducted a groundbreaking experiment here, demonstrating the Galilean principle of relativity. A fundamental contribution to physics, whose legacy was recognised and further developed by Albert Einstein.

For those who like to relax, it is worth taking a boat trip to the centre of the lake, from where you can enjoy the view of the village from a unique and picturesque angle; or take a lakeside walk, observing it from above along Via di Francesco (Francis Route), and then stop equipped little beaches.

Between the end of June and the beginning of July, the “Festa delle Acque” (Festival of Waters) takes place, celebrating the summer solstice and showcasing the relationship between the population and the lake: theatrical and dance performances, musical concerts, and fireworks displays culminating in a gastronomic festival featuring lake fish and a parade of allegorical boats. A few kilometres from Piediluco is Villalago, a 19th-century historic residence with a park, from which it is possible to enjoy a splendid view of the lake; during the summer, Villalago also becomes a stage for outdoor concerts and shows.

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