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Piediluco, Church of St. Francis

Church of San Francesco in Piediluco

The church of San Francesco, built in memory of St Francis's frequent visits to Piediluco, stands facing the lake at the top of a steep staircase at the end of Corso Salvati

Construction of the building, in Gothic style, started at the end of the thirteenth century and was completed in 1338.

The Romanesque-Gothic stone façade has reliefs with scenes of fishing, boats and fish, symbols of gratitude to the wealth offered by the lake.
The interior has a single nave and houses precious works of art, including a wooden crucifix from the fifteenth century and a depiction of St. Francis among the Saints Antonio da Padova, Bernardino, Ludovico and Bonaventura in the apse, dating back to the sixteenth century.


Since 1999 it has housed a few relics of St. Francis, granted by the Sacred Convent of Assisi to commemorate the saint's time here.


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