Pozzo della Cava - Orvieto

The Well of the Quarry - Orvieto

The deep well, from which the entire site takes its name, was excavated, readapting a pre-existing Etruscan well, by order of Pope Clement VII, who—seeking refuge in Orvieto, in 1527—ordered its realization to draw spring water in case of a siege. Its structure consists of two parts merged together: one has a circular crosssection, the other—which is smaller and dates from the 5th – 6th century B.C.—is rectangular.

Next to the well, it is possible to continue ahead on the path and visit an Etruscan cistern, some butti—shafts used as dumping holes—a medieval wine cellar and remnants of ancient rupestrian tombs.
The caves, used during medieval times and the Renaissance to produce ceramics, are also interesting. During Christmas Season, a crèche is realized inside the complex, in the caves of the well. Its arrangement is different every year and always noteworthy for its artistic execution and historical setting.




Via della Cava
05018 - Orvieto (TR) 
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