Palazzo Baldeschi

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Piazza Mazzini 10 - 06061 Castiglione del Lago
Palazzo Baldeschi is situated within the small village of Paciano.
It was built in the XVII century by integrating each other the numerous tower-houses of the neighborhood and it was restored in 1461 and in 1477. The structure is at the same time simple and composed. Infact it’s characterized by the prevalence of terracotta and sandstone. On the main door stands a travertine coat of arms, while inside remarkable is a large staircase attributed to Vignola. Inside the Palazzo houses a specific space for "TrasiMemo", the Bank of the Trasimeno Memory. This is a project that seeks to protect the cultural heritage of the lake area and its communities. A space aimed at build and preserve the memory on the knowledge of craftsmanship, agriculture, food and wine, documenting the cultural processes, practices and social contexts. It is a museum with workshops and events, on the wood themes, iron and metals, textiles and cotto tile of the Trasimeno area.