Mountain bike

MTB - Gubbio and the wonders of Sant'Ubaldo

Difference in level
900 m
20,2 Km
Mountain bike trail from Gubbio to mount Sant'Ubaldo

The itinerary starts from the Roman amphitheatre in Gubbio and continues along the mountains overlooking Sant'Ubaldo. It is only 20 kilometres, but the change in elevation means that it is classified as difficult, although it is one of the easiest in this category: if you are feeling adventurous, you can try and tackle it even if you are not an experienced biker.. Of course a bit of training is necessary.
The first climb starts after few kilometres: an atmospheric hill up through a narrow valley to reach the small church of the Madonna del Sasso. The trail becomes steeper after the church and will take you to the central part of the route, characterised by a long dirt hillside stretch with a breathtaking view of Mount Cucco and the entire Apennines between Umbria and Marche.
After this, you climb again for a few kilometres before taking a fun single track through the woods towards the last climb of the trail, which will lead you to the Sant'Ubaldo Basilica, where Gubbio's "ceri" (candles) are stored during the year.

From here, you continue downhill along the dirt road used during the race of the "Ceri" in May, a charming route with a fantastic view of Gubbio.

The road ends just above the Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo del Duomo, from where you can descend towards Gubbio's town centre. Remember to visit the hanging gardens and stroll along Corso Garibaldi before heading back to the starting point.