Parco del Monte Subasio
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Mt Subasio Park

From Assisi to Spello along the trails of Mt. Subasio

From Assisi to Spello , along the trails of Monte Subasio: a long hike that most visitors can do and which connects two medieval Umbrian towns, the Franciscan spirit of the Hermitage, nature and the scenery of the Park. Get to Assisi and prepare yourself for walking over the trail that connects the birthplace of St. Francis to Spello, the town famous for its flower carpets.
Set out from Porta Cappuccini, where a dirt road goes along the old medieval walls of the city and then into the woods. Once you have made it to the top, you'll get to a rest area where you can catch your breath before setting off downhill towards one of the most symbolic places of St. Francis, the Eremo delle Carceri, where he would retreat from civilisation to pray and meditate in the natural caves and under ancient oak trees.
From there you go up again along the Carceri gorge which takes you to the Croce di Sasso Piano, where in springtime you can pick various types of edible mushrooms or simply enjoy the beauty of the forget-me-nots and orchids.
Continue on towards the Rosceto gulley until you reach the Mortaro refuge, an old observatory used during WWII, and then pass the Mortaro Piccolo and Mortaro Grande, two deep limestone indentations which were once used to make and keep ice.
When you get tired, rest and enjoy a sandwich made with pan caciato, or pan nociato, breads typical of the area, perhaps with some tasty percorino cheese flavoured with bits of walnut.
Go downwards to Fonte Bregno, where you can take another break next to the river, and then towards Fosso Renaro to then reach Sasso la Botte, after having gone through the woods. You are about to begin the last leg of your walk, starting with an ascent along the slopes of Monte Pietrolungo to reach Poggio Caselle. From here go downwards through the olive groves towards Fonte Bulgarella and you'll soon be at the gates of Spello.
Part of the route you will have walked coincides with the yellow/blue marked trail of the Franciscan Way, which you can follow along the full length of the park.
For those of you who want to get some serious adrenaline flowing, Subasio Park is a great place to go hang-gliding: why not fly in the sky over Assisi?