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Lentil of Castelluccio di Norcia PGI

Lentil of Castelluccio di Norcia PGI

A precious legume, exclusive for its small size and with a unique taste, is grown on karstic Plains of Castelluccio di Norcia, inside the National Park of Sibillini Mountains.


The Lentil of Castelluccio di Norcia PGI is one of the protagonist of the famous “flowering” of Castelluccio’s plains, a natural event which offers a fascinating show of colors and scents between the end of May and July.

Ogni anno migliaia di turisti affollano i Piani di Castelluccio di Norcia per assistere al fenomeno; non tutti però sanno che, tra le coloratissime infiorescenze che abbelliscono il Pian Grande, quelle bianche con sfumature celesti nascondono un segreto.
Every year thousands of visitors crowd the Plains of Castelluccio di Norcia to attend the flourishing; not everyone knows that, among the colourful inflorescences which embellish Pian Grande, those ones in white with blue shades do have a secret.

In fact, these ones are the flowers of the Lentil plant of Castelluccio di Norcia, one of the most famous products of this area. These legumes, small sized and flattened, are obtained from cultivation techniques unchanged over the centuries: after spring ploughing and harrowing the planting does follow (at best until the middle of May). Typical weather conditions in the highland do allow a fast maturation of plants, which allows the farmers to proceed with the threshing by the end of August and to the plants drying before Autumn.

One of the distinctive features of these lentils is their skin, extremely thin and soft: a trait that allows it to cook in twenty minutes more or less, without soaking in water, as you have to do with other legumes. This lentil does keep a good cooking, making it suitable both for soups and stews, or like a simple garnish.

Do you want to follow the tradition? Serve the lentils as a side dish with typical Umbrian cold cuts or, during Christmas time, with the traditional ham hock or sausage.


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