Castelluccio Flowering

Castelluccio Flowering

Every year the Pian Grande of Castelluccio di Norcia comes alive with one of the greatest spectacles of nature in the world.

Between the beginning of June and the end of July, it is possible to enjoy an unforgettable multi-sensory experience: poppies, cornflowers, daisies, violets, lentils, narcissus, gentians and many other spontaneous species create a marvellous mosaic of colourful beauty and heady scents. The small, delicate white flower with light purple hues is the star of this enchantment: the lentil. Called 'Lénta' by the inhabitants of Castelluccio, it is the village's representative product par excellence. The area's farmers, in order to preserve the fields and not to use pesticides for cultivation, have always allowed other plants to thrive in the soil, reaping many benefits. It is in this way that, while waiting for the lentils to grow, the wild plants renew themselves, flourish and create a unique floral spectacle.

When to go

Unfortunately, one can only make a general prediction as to the timing of the flowering, as it all depends on the weather of the season. Snow, rain, temperature and sunshine are the real makers of the calendar, and for only a few weeks one can appreciate and savour the beauty of the flowering, which each year produces unique and unrepeatable shades and colourful patches.

The Flowering is now a popular natural and cultural event; to experience it at its best, it is recommended to choose midweek days, avoiding weekends.

What to do:

Respecting nature and its exceptionality, to capture the stupendous blooms, try to stay along the nearby paths, avoiding entering cultivated fields so as not to step on the flowers. The Castelluccio plateau opens the door to unique places where it is possible to do an incredible number of activities: hiking, trekking also with mules, mountain biking, bird-watching, rafting, delta-plane and paragliding.

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