Lugnano in Teverina

Chiesa e Convento di San Francesco - Lugnano in Teverina

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Piazza Augusto Vera - 05022 Amelia
The church and Convent of St. Francis was built in 1229 in the same place where the Saint preached and performed a miracle in 1212.
In the church you can admire the fresco recalling the miracle: the Saint allows a duck to release a kid attacked by a wolf. This fresco has been recently restored. In the restoration work performed in 1600, in line with the changing tastes of that time, the fresco was re-painted using casein tempera, by modifying the colours of some components as well as adding a landscape to the background of the painting. Different tests aiming at removing all the repainted part brought to light an intact fresco executed in 1300 with the technique of the “good fresco” representing a simplified scene with canons and grotesque details. A rare fresco of the Franciscan proto-martyrs is visible within the convent.
The convent experienced a prosperous time in 1600. Here the Blessed Gonella from Norcia died on 22 June 1540. The elegant cloister decorated with a series of elegant travertine columns and frescoes depicting the life of St. Francis was built in 1608. Today you can still admire the bell tower with Baroque forms dating back to 1680. It has been a flourishing religious centre until 1930. In 1988 the roof of the Church was remade by the St. Francis Association; later the granite floor of 1950 was removed and the ancient terracotta floor shined again.  A beautiful liturgic altar has been built in 2004, in memory of Mario Tessicini, first President of the St. Francis Association and the walnut door of the church was restored.