Titolo: Castello di Poggio di Otricoli

Castello di Poggio di Otricoli

Poggio di Otricoli, placed on a hill 387 metres above the sea level, below the Mount St. Pancrazio (1027 metres), is a small but delicious village of the southern Umbria, overlooking the Tiber valley and the upper Sabina.


From the top of the village you can dominate with your eyes the entire valley below, so to go over the geographical boundaries with the neighbouring Lazio region. The toponym “Poggio” (hill) is very common in this part of Italy, as seen in other place names both in the Lazio region, such as Poggio Bustone and Poggio Fidoni, and in the rest of Umbria such as Poggiodomo. To avoid confusion, in the past it was called Poggio di Narni and also Poggio di Mezzo, to distinguish it from several other towns. The village represents a typical example of fortification with a compact core, crossed by two main roads; the entire settlement developed around it. These are the via Maestra descending from the fortress to San Nicola square and the via della Rocca where the so-called Loggia of lovers is found.



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